About Biomagnetism Therapy

Biomagnetism is a therapy in which pairs of magnets precisely placed on the body help to restore bioenergetic balance thereby stimulating the innate immune system.

A therapist typically uses magnets, tape, special shoes, and a massage table. Clients lie fully clothed on a massage table. The biomagnetism practitioner will place a pair of shoes on the client in order to evaluate their response to the therapy. The practitioner then places magnets, often held in place with masking tape, on top of their clothing.

We are made up of 75% water. This water in our organs and tissues needs to maintain a specific pH balance in order to maintain optimal homeostasis. When the body faces physical, chemical, or emotional toxins and/or nutritional deficiencies, the pH level is altered resulting in a location in the body that is hyperacidic with excessive H+ ions and another hyperalkaline with excessive OH- ions. The pH imbalance creates an environment conducive to pathogens. It is similar to how pool water with a pH imbalance harbors fungi, algae, etc., while water with a balanced pH remains clear, clean, and healthy. The magnets push away the excess H+ and OH- ions, rebalancing the local pH, and restoring the body’s innate healing capacity.

Yes! Some people stop Biomagnetism treatments when they resolve certain issues from an acute or chronic problem. Unfortunately, our bodies face

constant physical, chemical, and emotional assaults that push them out of balance. Insect bites, the food we eat, and pollution in the air are just a few examples. A “healthy” person would benefit from a biomagnetism session every several months to maintain optimal health. The more you use biomagnetism, the more naturally and consistently your body will be able to maintain homeostasis.

Everybody is unique and, despite similar diagnoses, each person faces a unique combination of pathogens and health challenges. So many varying factors affect each person’s recovery that it is impossible to predict a timeframe. Some people have a dramatic response during the first biomagnetism session. Others have a slow, gentle recovery feeling no changes for quite a few sessions until eventually there are perceptible improvements. Either way, the body advances toward health.

Along with biomagnetism, getting enough rest, eating healthy organic food and managing stress go a long way in giving the body the optimal circumstances to feel better. Like with all forms of healing, those who commit to making necessary lifestyle changes optimize healing.

Dr. Goiz originally identified pairs by placing a magnet on a client’s body and systematically moving it around until the practitioner notices a shift in the length of one of the client’s legs. Once that first scan point was identified, he identified the corresponding point by moving a magnet with the opposite polarity facing the body around until the leg length was restored.

Presently, biomagnetism practitioners typically use bioenergetics in which they focus their mental energy on ‘asking the body’ about a pair that would be beneficial and eliciting a similar response with the leg length. They identify the scan point and then the corresponding point just as with the manual method.

Dr. Isaac Goiz of Mexico first discovered the healing power of "Biomagnetic pairs"" in 1988. His revolutionary discovery was inspired by a course on bioenergy held at the medical school of the University of Guadalajara in Mexico taught by Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer. Dr. Broeringmeyer shared that the body's organs and tissues can become magnetically polarized and that single polarity magnets provide benefits. He had worked with NASA astronauts who had lowered immune systems when they returned to the Earth&rsquo

Biomagnetism Basics: Magnet Placement

With the black side of the magnet facing toward the body.

The color of the magnet in the illustration is the color of the magnet that you should place facing toward the body.

The first point, also called the scan point, is always black. Place the magnet with the black side facing the body. The second point, also called the corresponding point, is always red. Place the magnet with the red side facing the body.

In the vertical orientation, the black side of the magnet faces the skin on the top and the red side of the other magnet faces the skin on the bottom position. The magnets usually touch each other when arranged in this orientation but may also be separated by a few centimeters. The magnets may be close or touching unless the magnet illustration shows greater distance is required.

In the horizontal orientation, the black side of the magnet faces the skin on the right side and the red side of the other magnet faces the skin in the left side position. The magnets usually touch each other when arranged in this orientation or they may be separated by a few centimeters. The magnets may be close or touching unless the magnet illustration shows greater distance is required.

It depends on your geographic location. See the Guidelines section in the Biomagnetism Practitioners Guidebook for details. Leaving them on longer than necessary does no harm.

It is likely that there will be benefit by placing a pair of magnets where you suspect an issue, but there may be limited resolutions. Health issues are complex. Often pathogens hide in seemingly unrelated parts of the body. To address an issue comprehensively, an experienced practitioner should do a full body scan identifying the imbalances throughout the body.

No. Imagine a pile of lead shavings. When you place a magnet near them, they will react and be drawn to the magnet. If there are no shavings, nothing happens.

Biomagnetism Basics: Muscle Testing

There are a number of reasons for not getting a good response. There are some physical reasons. Consider reassessing your grip. Check that you are seated comfortably and you have a firm, but gentle grip on your client’s shoes. You may be twisting the ankle and forcing the leg to go down. Make sure that the shoes are aligned at the heels as well as at the ball of the foot and that the bottom of the shoes are flat in the sense that if there were a board against the bottom of the shoes, they would be resting flat against it like when standing on the floor. There are emotional reasons as well. If you are too anxious you may be inhibiting your focused attention. Relax, clear your mind, take a deep breath, and refocus. You may need to develop your focus. Try again and repeatedly

ask for a response with a mindset that helps increase your focus. Keep trying. Your persistence will pay off and you will achieve results.

It is not unusual to see just a small response when first starting out. As you practice more, you will develop a more focused intention which will result in a stronger response.

Using the Practitioners Guidebook
  • Regular: Address pathogenic microorganisms: viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites.
  • Special: Address tissue alterations not caused by pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Dysfunctional: Address internal alterations and their hormonal production
  • Complex: Address health issues that typically require two or more pairs.
  • Reservoir: Address organs or tissues which act as hiding places for pathogens.
  • Personal: Address pathogens and dysfunctions in locations unique to each individual because of genetics, infection, surgery, trauma or environment.
  • Temporary: Address traumas which yield spontaneously when applied.
  • Emotional: Address psychological issues
  • Associated: Related pairs that address a particular pathology.
  • Reciprocal: Two pairs that simultaneously have opposite magnetic polarities at the scan point and the corresponding point, e.g. SPLEEN - LIVER and LIVER - SPLEEN.
Biomagnetism Basics: Emotions

You can muscle test to help identify the person. Consider breaking it down into relationships, e.g. Is the person a relative? A coworker? A friend? and/or Male? Female? Then ask your client for suggestions of names and muscle test to see if you get a confirmation.

Becoming a Practitioner

As expected, the more that you practice the faster you will master biomagnetism. If you practice regularly, most feel ‘mastery’ after a year or two, but you can start your business before then. Many are effective in helping others with a basic understanding of biomagnetism and an aid like the Beyond Biomag 3D App or the Practitioners Guidebook. As you practice, you will get more consistent results. We suggest that ‘you will know’ when you are ready.

Deciding if Biomagnetism is Right for You

Researchers and physicians across the world have praised the benefits of biomagnetic therapy. Biomagnetism therapy detects, classifies, measures and corrects the fundamental alterations of the pH of living organisms. Clinical experience has shown that biomagnetic therapy may be used for a number of conditions and issues and the benefits include:

  • Promotes an appropriate energy level in the body
  • Supports the immune system
  • Reduces the negative effects of stress (muscular tension, intestinal inflammation, sleeping alterations, anxiety, respiratory difficulties, palpitations and scattered brain)
  • Enhances the detox of the body (due to processed food, trans fat, electronic devices pesticides, plastic, and more)
  • Improves blood flow and vascular tone
  • Optimizes organ and hormonal gland function
  • Enhances metabolism
  • Promotes tissue repair
  • Diminishes pain, inflammation, fatigue, and general discomfort
  • Decreases the secondary effects of drugs, surgical procedures, and conventional treatments

Yes. If the body is experiencing symptoms, then there is an imbalance of some sort. Biomagnetism addresses imbalances unleashing the body’s ability to heal.

Absolutely. Biomagnetism is an excellent complement to other supportive therapies. Homeopathic, herbal, and medicinal flower essences are especially symbiotic. Biomagnetism is also compatible with antibiotics or other medications. You should continue to see your primary care doctor for follow-up.

You and your doctor may find that medications may be adjusted or eliminated as your body’s pH balances through Biomagnetism and its healing capacity improves.

  • There are various ways in which emotional and psychological dysfunctions are relieved. One is through chemical balance. When a microorganism, such as a bacterium, virus, fungus, or parasite, causes a dysfunction in the central nervous system or the endocrine system, they interfere with the hormone signaling. Some of these hormones include Serotonin, Acetylcholine and Epinephrine, which act as an adrenaline regulator, an emotion regulator, and antidepressant respectively. Once the pathogen has been eliminated, the hormonal processes are restored and emotional or psychological problems are either reduced significantly or disappear.
  • Electromagnetic distortions within the central nervous system also contribute to emotional and psychological dysfunctions. Magnets are able to balance these distortions, improving regulation of the endocrine system. There are also specific pairs relating to psychological or emotional issues, the need for which may be identified during a scan.
  • Emotional issues can be complex and therapy may be necessary, but Biomagnetism may help with contributing factors.

There are no contraindications to accepting biomagnetism, just precautions.

Pregnancy. Biomagnetism may be applied during pregnancy. An experienced practitioner will know to ask whether the therapy should be best applied for the mother or baby or both and how to apply the magnets for each situation. Miscarriages are common in the general public esp. During the first 6 weeks of pregnancy, and so we encourage practitioners not to place magnets on the uterus to avoid accusations in the case of a miscarriage.

Epilepsy. Clients with a history of epilepsy may also benefit from Biomagnetism and must understand that when toxins are being released from the body, sometimes a detox reaction may occur. There may be a temporary increase in inflammation while the body adjusts. A well trained and experienced therapist will know the best areas of the brain and body to work with to bring the appropriate balance to minimize detox reactions.

Pacemakers. Biomagnetism may be used on clients with pacemakers, as long as the area of the pacemaker is avoided. Biomagnetism doesn’t interfere with a pacemaker but may drain the battery.

There are no real negative side effects to Biomagnetism therapy. The majority of people feel good immediately after a session, but a few people may feel exhausted or wiped out after a long and complex therapy. Just as exercise is beneficial for the body but may demand a couple days of recovery,

Biomagnetism exercises the immune system and may necessitate a couple of days of recovery. Fatigue may result from detoxing as the body drains inflammation and toxins. When this happens, the body simply needs ample fluids and good sleep for the following three days as the body restores homeostasis.

Seeking a Biomagnetism Therapist

There is a directory of therapists on the USBiomag website.

The more frequently you use biomagnetism the faster your body may heal. Every individual is unique.

In comparison to expensive medical treatments, Biomagnetism is relatively inexpensive. A typical 1.5 hour session in the US runs approx $250 and will be higher for a more experienced practitioner. Often biomagnetism therapy will be less expensive than conventional medicine when prescriptions, tests, and procedures are taken into account.

No, but most consider the investment well worth the health benefits.

What Can I expect in a Biomagnetism Session

Biomagnetism therapy is very passive and therefore not painful or invasive. Clients typically report a relaxing and calming sensation when magnets are placed on them, some often fall asleep during their session.

To evaluate and identify where imbalances are in the client’s body, the practitioner will gently hold their feet. Using Applied Kinesiology, the practitioner is able to identify areas of imbalance. Once identified, pairs of magnets are placed on the body and secured in place with masking tape where they will remain for up to a half an hour. This process is repeated a few times during a session.

The length of sessions varies but on average they are 90-120 min long.

Lyme Disease is complex due to its multiple coinfections. Multiple pathogens create layers of pH imbalance which need to be addressed often in a series of sessions. Every body is unique and, despite the same diagnosis, each person faces a unique combination of pathogens and health challenges. Whereas occasionally recovery is dramatic and quick, it is common for clients with Lyme disease to need at least 7 to 10 sessions. Someone who has been suffering from Lyme disease for a long time may need as many 20 to 30 sessions. Throughout the journey, the layers of imbalance may resolve resulting in greater homeostasis which may decrease inflammation, restore organ function, balance energy and allow vitality to resume so that the body may heal itself naturally.

The Field of Biomagnetism

Yes! Recent research shows that a magnetic field helps or even accelerates: wound healing, in vitro fertilization, plant growth, wastewater management, reduction of blood viscosity. There was a pilot study involving patients with clinically diagnosed Typhoid Fever and another with Malaria. Albeit small, they had documented positive results that indicated that further large-scale studies are warranted. For more information, see USBiomag.com

With more professionals being trained each year, Biomagnetism is slowly being incorporated into many various industries–dentistry, chiropractic, medical, veterinarian, etc. In addition, researchers are choosing to analyze the benefits of Biomagnetism. To strengthen the Biomagnetism community further and sponsor additional research, USBiomag will be establishing an association. Biomagnetism has a great future in the coming years as it continues to advance on all levels.

Dr. Garcia’s Experience

Whereas dramatic changes are particularly inspiring, I value the health concerns of each client equally. Nonetheless, some of the most dramatic changes have been:

  • A client who was told that she would be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life now lives a normal life.
  • A client who was told that he would have to have his leg amputated from above the knee experienced full recovery avoiding surgery.
  • A client who experienced respiratory distress for 20 years causing an extremely limited lifestyle resolved his respiratory issues in one session.
  • A client who suffered from stage IV lung cancer and was told that she had 6 months to live recovered and continues to lead a healthy life 6 years later.
  • A client who was about to begin fertility treatment conceived two months after her session